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Presenting “The Grimm Reality”


Michael Grimm is a serial liar and con man who will do or say anything to get what he wants. He’s even gone so far as to lie under oath, which got him convicted of felony perjury charges. 6 But his lies and excuses go way beyond his criminal convictions.

Since voters can’t trust a word Michael Grimm says, this website will set the record straight about his disturbing record as one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress and the numerous ethics scandals he’s embroiled in. We just can’t trust Michael Grimm.




It’s tax day in America, and while everyone has filed their taxes and paid their hard-earned money to the government, Michael Grimm still thinks he’s above the law.

Even after serving prison time for hiding more than $1 million in income from the IRS, Michael Grimm still owes approximately $900,000 in back taxes to New York State. 1 5

He owes huge debts to the tax department, his campaign, and the people who paid off his criminal legal bills, but that hasn’t stopped him from driving around in a Lexus sports car. For Michael Grimm, the rules apply to everyone except him. 2 4


An Assistant US Attorney aptly said: “It is Mr. Grimm who embraces, even wraps himself in the oaths he has taken when it suits him, and then turns his back on those oaths when it suits him.” 7

Before being convicted of tax fraud, Michael Grimm once called cheating on taxes “unforgivable” attacking another Congressman embroiled in a tax scandal “incompetent of administering the tax code, and at worst, cheating. Either way his actions are unforgivable.” He also said “Americans deserve better” and “ethics are not a political issue; either you have them or you don’t.” 3


We agree

And in 2012, Michael Grimm was one of only six Republicans who voted against a bill that would make individuals with seriously delinquent tax debts ineligible for federal employment. 8 9

Grimm’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

But, because we know he doesn’t like to report his income or pay his taxes, we’re calling on him to release his 2017 returns. The people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn deserve full transparency.


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